Hilary Davies - Mixed-Media Artist

Hilary Davies, Mixed-Media Artist

I have been drawing and painting for a number of years whilst working part-time as a primary school teacher. Now retired from teaching, I can take time to explore different ways of painting. Most of my inspiration has come from other mixed media painters, tutors in adult and further education classes and the Open College of the Arts.

My paintings are usually inspired by my immediate environment and trips abroad. I enjoy vibrant colours and working in an abstract way. I use acrylics and a variety of papers to create mixed media paintings of different sizes. I work from drawings and photographs, working in layers, building up the image randomly then drawing more on the source material to produce the finished piece. This to me is the joy of painting, as I experiment with different colour combinations and experience the surprise element as the collage works with the paint. I aim to let the materials lead me and try to produce an image that excites and interests.

Commissions taken.

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